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Importance of Police Reports in Lawsuits

At Remmel Law Firm we believe in educating our clients about what to do in personal injury cases, including automobile accidents. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being injured from such an accident, it is essential that either you, a friend or family member contact the police [...]

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DUI Accidents and Punitive Damages in Las Vegas

People come from all over the world to visit Las Vegas and have a good time.  For some, this involves drinking alcohol and commuting on our public roads.  Unfortunately, this type of dangerous behavior keeps Las Vegas law enforcement extremely busy.  According to the Las Vegas Detention Center, the crime [...]

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Common Carrier Accidents: Southwest Planes, Trains and Escalators

Yesterday, at one of New York's famed airports, the landing gear of a Southwest Airlines flight collapsed during landing resulting in injuries to no fewer than 11 passengers, including 3 Southwest Airline employees. This week, a patron fell down the escalator at one of Las Vegas' famed strip casinos and, [...]

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An Average Trial Lawyer

Becoming a trial lawyer is not an easy task.  For me, it started sometime in high school after I received my pre-ACT scores.  In summary, my score sheet suggested that, "the only way Mr. Remmel will ever achieve a college education is if he joins the military."  I'm confident this [...]

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