Protecting Your Right to Recovery

Commercial truck drivers operate under constant pressure to ensure deliveries are made on time. Sometimes, commercial truck drivers or their employers place profit over safety and make decisions that cause injuries, harms or losses to others. Commercial truck accidents often cause significant injuries, or even death. It is important that you retain an experienced trial attorney to ensure that negligent commercial truck drivers and their employers are held responsible for any damages or injuries they cause.

The Remmel Law Firm represents individuals and their families who have suffered serious injuries, or even death, as a result of a commercial semi-truck or tractor-trailer accident. Whether you were traveling on Interstate-15 (I-15) or along another public roadway, we will utilize our experience and resources to help you obtain the best possible outcome.

Experienced Representation in Trucking Accidents

Our Southern Nevada commercial truck accident attorney, Jonathan T. Remmel, has extensive experience handling commercial trucking accidents and the unique laws that govern them. We are familiar with the special regulations all truck drivers must follow, such as:

  • Driving time regulations
  • Vehicle load and weight restrictions
  • Types of cargo
  • Special traffic rules and vehicle operation
  • Commercial policies from insurance carriers and trucking companies

When necessary, we work with qualified experts to determine liability and to reconstruct the accident. Whether it was a predictable mechanical failure or truck driver negligence, we work diligently to ensure you receive maximum recovery from the responsible parties.

Let Us Take Care of the Details

We understand that dealing with insurance companies, let alone the legal system, can be stressful after a commercial truck accident. We take care of all the details of your personal injury claim, such as filling out the paperwork and negotiating with insurance representatives. When you retain our law office, you can concentrate on your rehabilitation and recovery. We keep you informed of all developments as they happen and work quickly to obtain the best possible outcome. Whether it is a commercial truck accident or another type of car accident, we’ve got you covered.


No credit cards or checks are necessary because you pay us nothing up front. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, our attorney fees and costs are paid from the recovery we obtain on your behalf. No recovery? No fees. We are paid after we recover compensation. Give us a call at (702) 522-7707 to schedule your free consultation today!