The Law Protects Those Who Ride

Because motorcycles offer less safety and protective equipment than any other motor vehicle on the road, riders who are involved in serious motorcycle accidents are more likely to suffer severe injuries or even wrongful death. In addition to increased dangers on the road, many bikers also experience prejudice in their pursuit of claims for fair financial recovery. Don’t be left in the cold after a mishap, find a great Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorney to help you through your difficult time.

At Remmel Law Firm, we protect the rights of motorcyclists who have suffered a severe personal injury, or even death. Attorney Jonathan T. Remmel is an avid motorcycle rider. He often draws on his technical knowledge, riding experience and thorough understanding of motorcycle rules to explain how and why his clients are afforded the same protections as if they were behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Riding a motorcycle is not against the law. The law is meant to protect those who ride.

Bikers Have the Same Legal Protections as Drivers

Too often, people see bikers as the rebels of the road. While the “rules of the road” that govern motorcycles are different than those for other drivers, motorcycle riders are entitled to the same protections and rights when they are injured through no fault of their own. The attorneys at Remmel Law Firm are familiar with traffic laws regarding motorcycles, and thoroughly investigate the facts of the case to determine liability. Our motorcycle accident attorney:

  • Investigates and establishes liability for the motorcycle accident
  • Obtains police reports and identifies witnesses
  • Ensures our clients are receiving appropriate medical treatment and care
  • Identifies insurance coverage for the loss
  • Opens claims with the insurance company
  • Negotiates a settlement for the injured party
  • When necessary, pursues the matter in court before a judge or jury
  • Consults with accident reconstructionists when necessary

We are never afraid to represent your legal interests in court, when necessary, though we are often successful in negotiating fair settlements to compensate you for your past and future medical expenses, rehabilitative costs, lost earnings or wages, and the pain and suffering you have endured.


No credit cards or checks are necessary because you pay us nothing upfront. Since we work on a contingency fee basis, our attorney fees and costs are paid from the recovery we obtain on your behalf. No recovery? No fees. We are paid after we recover compensation. Give our Las Vegas personal injury lawyer a call today to schedule a free consultation (702) 522-7707