If you are involved in an accident, knowing when to make the call and hire an attorney can be a tough one. However, if you wait too long, your settlement options can decrease significantly.

If you find yourself the victim in an accident in Las Vegas, NV, and you suffer any type of injury or property damage, you should consider contacting an attorney in any of the following situations:

If The Other Party Is Uncooperative

You weren’t at fault for the accident, but the other party or parties aren’t cooperating. They won’t share their information and they resist moving forward. You’ve got their name and license plate number and that’s about it. Situations like this is why it’s good to call the police and let them file a report. However, even if a police report is filed, if the other party won’t cooperate, that is a sure sign that it is the time to call a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

The Insurance Refuses To Pay

Insurance companies are concerned with paying out as little as possible. If their client is to blame, they’ll use loopholes and sneaky technicalities to avoid paying a high amount. Moreover, even if the insurance company offers you a settlement after an accident, the amount offered is often barely enough to cover your medical bills or repair your property. When you find yourself in this situation, it’s time to call an attorney.

Liability Isn’t Easily Established

Some accidents involve various people or entities which can make determining liability difficult. You don’t believe you are at fault, yet you’re still the one stuck in the middle, not getting the help you need or the money you’re entitled to. An attorney can help determine exactly who’s liable and who owes what to whom.

Your Injuries Are Life-Altering

Long-term and short-term disabilities represent a lot of internal anguish and long-running medical expenses. You’ll miss important workdays, you may not be able to perform tasks that you used to. Depending on your injury, you may not be able to work for an extended period and your earning potential is significantly reduced. If this is the case, you absolutely need to work with a personal injury attorney to make sure you get every penny you’re owed.

The Conclusion?

Some personal injury cases can be settled between you and the insurance company or the other party. However, if it is your objective to secure your maximum compensation, you should consider hiring an attorney. If you’ve experienced temporary or permanent disability, or the insurance company refuses to right their insured’s wrong, you should definitely hire a personal injury attorney who will be on your side. Contact Jon Remmel today for a completely free, no-obligation case review to discover your options for recovery!