I once counted more than 10 visible attorney billboards while stuck in traffic on Interstate 15, near the World Famous Las Vegas strip. I have also heard that Las Vegas, Nevada is the second most competitive market for personal injury attorneys in the entire country. Consequently, holding yourself out as a personal injury attorney who specializes in car crashes, slip and falls, and wrongful death cases can be a daunting task.
I am up for the challenge.

Being a victim of a car crash is not easy. In a flash, your already busy life gets thrown on its head. Now, you have to take time to be examined by a doctor and seek treatment, get your car fixed, miss valuable time from work, deal with rental cars and argue with the insurance company about who pays for what and when. Even if you find yourself through this labyrinth of stress and anxiety, do you know that you are being fairly compensated? Do you know what your legal or financial obligations are if you sign that boilerplate release the insurance adjuster offered you? If you go it alone, which some people chose to do, you can do greater harm to yourself than what any car crash might involve.

A few injury lawyers still get it right. They put their client’s interest (including their financial interest) first. That’s the Remmel Law Firm way.

Are you still apprehensive about calling our law office for a free injury consultation? Feel free to ask around and read over our 5-star Yelp and Google reviews. A majority of the clients are referrals from prior clients or other attorneys throughout Las Vegas. Think about that for a second. Would you trust your legal and financial future to someone because you saw them on television or noticed their flashy billboard? Or, would you rather have the individual attention you deserve to ensure that everything is being handled the way that it is supposed to be handled—with your best interest in mind. Knowing, that once the case is resolved, everything has been taken care of—car fixed, compensation paid, doctor bills negotiated, etc.

Writing this blog is not easy for me. The truth is I hate marketing our legal services. Doing the right thing to me is obvious and I’d rather spend my time helping people. Unfortunately, it is not that easy when so many seem to be selling the same service. Trust me. It’s not the same and not everyone who says they do injury law knows how to do injury law and get good results.

So, if you do find yourself in a situation where you need professional advice from a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer because of a car crash, slip and fall or worse yet, a wrongful death, please feel welcome to call my office for a free consultation. It’s time you demand more than slick TV ads and fancy billboards. We are open M-F and can be reached at (702) 522-7707.