The short answer is yes.

Every injury lawsuit filed in Clark County, Nevada is subject to the Court annexed arbitration program. Like most things in life, there are some exceptions. Specifically, a personal injury case with a perceived verdict value of more than $50,000 is exempt from the arbitration program if the attorney files a timely petition.

Suppose your case has been assigned to the arbitration program. What should you expect? Unfortunately, the arbitration program has become a “trial run” of sorts for most insurance companies. In other words, if your case is subjected to the program, expect it to be drawn out for several months by the insurance defense attorneys (who are paid on an hourly basis and thus incentivized to prolong your misery) and, if you are successful in obtaining an award at arbitration, it will likely be met with a request for trial de novo. Trial de novo means “new trial.” In short, de novo requires you to retry the case in front of a short trial judge or jury. The misuse of filing a request for trial de novo has become a rampant problem in Las Vegas.

Remmel Law Firm has been fighting back against insurance companies with a pattern and practice of abusing the arbitration program through use of trial de novo. To date, we have challenged de novo requests made by Allstate Insurance Co. and Loya Insurance Co. and prevailed. Successful challenges have also been made against Nevada General and American Access insurance companies. In some instances, which do not guarantee future outcomes, our efforts have resulted in an additional $25,000 settlement offer above and beyond our client’s arbitration award of $50,000! For the Chavez family, we negotiated a $75,000 settlement that was statutorily capped at $50,000. That’s getting results.

Remmel Law Firm will provide you with a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who goes above and beyond to fight for its injury clients regardless of whether a case is assigned to court annexed arbitration program. The proof is in the numbers. It’s also in our multiple 5 star reviews and countless industry recognition awards. Free injury consultations one on one with a certified million dollar advocate are available M-F at (702) 522-7707.