I get it. You have been bombarded with TV and billboard ads from injury attorneys across the Las Vegas Valley. I see them too. Is it really worth all the hassle to pick up the phone and schedule a consultation? This, of course, comes on top of the headaches associates with your car crash, the near-constant phone calls from the friendly adjusters who assure you everything will be taken care of, and the pain in your neck or back that won’t seem to go away.

The short answer is YES.

TRUTH: I have yet to come across a case where we were unable to collect more for our client than what was initially offered to them by the “friendly” adjuster before we were retained. For our car crash client Sarah K., we were able to take a $250,000 pre-litigation settlement offer and turn it into a $1.2 million dollar settlement. For another automobile collision client, Victor L., we were able to take a $68,000 pre-litigation settlement offer and turn it into a $250,000 policy limits offer. We have also taken a case for Claudia R. and her family that had no settlement offers for her husband’s wrongful death and turned it into a $1 million dollar policy limits settlement. These cases take time, sometimes years, but the results are worth every penny.

It is also true that not every case we handle is a seven-figure case. So, what’s the difference? Why call? I wish that I could reveal some “secret sauce” about how to make every case a seven-figure case. The truth is it primarily depends on what injuries you sustained from the crash. Do you have soft tissue injuries that are expected to heal in 6-8 weeks after conservative care (i.e., chiropractic or physical therapy)? Or, do you have bulges with annual tears to a disc in your spine requiring pain management, injections, or even surgery? Again, it all depends on what the medical evidence shows, as well as some other important factors.

In some instances, the conduct of the at-fault party can also drive the damages in the case. Were they driving under the influence (DUI) at the time of the crash and thus, liable for punitive damages? This too can drive value into the claim.

The honest truth is YOU deserve to have these issues addressed by a qualified Las Vegas personal injury lawyer. My hope is, you will feel a connection with our office and want to call. I don’t need a fancy neon billboard and a $200 haircut to get your attention. I just want to help you the same way I have helped hundreds of other clients. I conduct weekly consultations with no cost or obligation at my office located on Jones, near Charleston. During our consultation, you will be introduced with my staff and personally meet with me to address all of your legal concerns and address whatever questions we can. Remmel Law Firm is open M-F and can be reached at (702) 522-7707.