Noah was not joking when he warned the people about a great flood. I just did not realize it would hit Remmel Law Firm in May of 2019. Yep. Our Las Vegas office flooded and right in the middle of our trial prep for a significant car accident case.

Often times, people assume that because I am a lawyer, my experience with insurance companies would be vastly different from most. The truth is it’s not.
Monday, I was met by a barrage of texts and calls from my staff informing me that our office had flooded. My heart sank. We just moved into our office on South Jones Blvd a little more than a year ago and our updated renovations still smelled of fresh paint.

When I arrived, I found 30% of my business soaking wet from a receding water line. Two offices, a copy area, and storage room had all been hit. I did whatever I could to remove items from the water to mitigate any damages. Shortly following, I made a call to my insurance carrier hoping to find a lifeline from my unexpected mess.

My insurance company asked me a few questions about the loss. I did my best to explain the situation. Admittedly, I am not a property damage expert, nor am I a construction guru. In this instance, I am just another consumer, hoping that the commercial premiums were money well spent.

What happened next devastated me. I was told over the phone that before anything could happen (i.e., remediate the situation or repair the damage), my carrier would need to make a “coverage decision.” “Without inspecting my property first,” I inquired. My invitation was declined. I knew then that I was in for a fight and my interests were not being protected.

I felt betrayed.

I spent the entire day (and much of the week) cleaning out a water soaked mess. I hired subcontractors to remediate and repair the damage that was done. It is a lonely process without the help of a billion dollar insurance carrier backing me. Despite our business interruption, we are getting things done and moving forward.

In the end, I get treated the same way as everyone else when it comes to coverage disputes and insurance claims. Fortunately, my law degree, license, and 16 plus years of legal experience provide me with a means to help others when they are injured and need help. In some ways, I am grateful my office flooded. It provided me with a greater sense of empathy for the clients I am able to help and serve. I know better what it feels like to be left alone, under water, and needing help.

You are not alone. Almost every day, I sit down with people from our Las Vegas community who are drowning in medical bills from a car accident and provide them with a free consultation. Our office may be in the midst of repairs, but it is not dead. This personal injury lawyer lives on. I invite you to call our office and find out more (702) 522-7707.