Let’s be honest, not everyone drives as safe as possible every time they get behind the wheel. Sometimes it takes a little push to fully realize the effects and consequences that can stem from driving without being 100% focused and alert. Here are some of the most jarring safe driving campaigns, which will hopefully make the roads a safer place for all.

1. No-Texting Discount

One Los Angeles restaurant offers a 5% discount to customers who check their phones at the door, ensuring they won’t be texting or talking on the phone while they eat. With the goal of putting distractions away in favor of a better dining experience, the restaurant hopes the same goes for putting phones away while driving. Cell phone addiction is a big problem and can be directly linked to texting while driving, which is a major problem with heavy consequences.

2. Anti-Speeding PSA

A PSA out of New Zealand serves as a powerful reminder of why we shouldn’t speed when we drive: because far too many drivers these days are distracted. If you’re speeding, it makes it much harder to stop or swerve to avoid a distracted driver. If we all took the time to stop and look around at our surroundings, maybe there wouldn’t be so many accidents.

3. Gift Card Rewards

Usually when the police pull you over it’s because you’ve been driving poorly. However, in Prosper, Texas you may actually be approached by the police and be rewarded for good driving! Police have started approaching people in parking lots and other areas to give them a $10 gift card if they observe someone driving within the speed limit and wearing their seat belt.

4. Disguised Police Cars

Police are known for setting speed traps to catch unwary or drunk drivers going over the speed limit. To make patrol cars less obvious, Toronto police have started making the back half of their cars look like taxis. Police hope that they’ll catch drivers who are breaking the law and encourage people who have been drinking to take a cab or public transportation instead of driving.

5. Encouraging Seat Belt Use

A new ad campaign in England stresses the importance of wearing seat belts by driving home the point that they do save lives. It’s a message we’ve all heard before, but this ad does it in a completely new and different way.

It’s extremely important to be safe while driving so you can avoid injury. However, if you are injured in a car accident, contact Remmel Law Firm today.

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