One of the most important and crucial parts of any court case is the deposition offered by witnesses of a crime. This out-of-court testimony can be used in a trial as evidence and can make a huge impact on your court case. But why should you practice your deposition before you speak on the record?

The Deposition: Why It’s Essential

The deposition is arguably one of the toughest aspects of a legal case, as it can cause stress, anxiety and even the inability to remember certain events. This is why it’s essential to meet with your attorney before the deposition and go over types of questions that will be asked, as well as appropriate answers. Preparation is key before any deposition to ensure it goes smoothly.

Depositions Gone Bad

There have been plenty of depositions that have gone terribly, including the infamous Cuyahoga County photocopying machine deposition, in which the definition of a photocopier was up for debate. The debate lasted for 10 pages of court transcript, while the case concerned whether deeds and other at the county recorder’s office should be made available for a “reasonable cost.”

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