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The Silver Lining of Jury Duty at Summer’s End

I have come to dread the end of Summer.  For a parent who, admittedly, enjoys spending unscheduled time with his kids, the last week of August serves as a stark reminder that, "[some] good things must come to an end."  This summer has been filled with various highlights including a [...]

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Frustrated with an Insurance Company about a Car Accident You Did Not Cause?

Are you frustrated with an insurance company who keeps asking [stupid] questions about a car accident that you did not cause?  I get it.  I just returned from a two plus hour deposition taken by a defense lawyer who works for a popular insurance company.  For the most part, I [...]

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The New Las Vegas Law and What it Means for Your Car Accident

Between high levels of traffic and drivers unfamiliar with the area, Las Vegas has a high rate of traffic accidents. They're so frequent, in fact, that the Las Vegas police department has taken on a new policy to mitigate the work-load. What it amounts to is that officers will no [...]

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What to Ask Your Car Accident Lawyer

After you've been in a fender bender, there's a few things you have to remember: get the other driver's insurance information, contact the police, collect photographic evidence of the damage and scene, etc. After that, you shouldn't have much more hassle than dealing with the insurance and getting your vehicle [...]

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When Should I Hire an Auto Accident Attorney?

Auto accidents are no joke. In fact, every year over 40,000 people are killed in America alone on the nation's highways, making it one of the leading causes of death--not to mention the pain, suffering, inconvenience, and expense associated with wrecks that do not lead to fatalities. The problem is, [...]

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When David Beat Goliath: 5 Times The Little Guy Beat the Big Corporation

In a world of billion dollar corporate bailouts, it sometimes seems like there's not much justice for the little guy. Big corporations have big budgets, meaning they can afford to hire multiple lawyers and drag out proceedings for years. But every once in a while, a corporation simply goes too [...]

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Common Diabetes Drug Actos Increases Risk of Cancer

If you've taken the drug Actos and have developed bladder cancer or similar symptoms, contact our office today. Actos, which is prescribed in conjunction with diet and exercise, is meant to help individuals with Type 2 diabetes maintain low blood sugar. While it has proven to be an effective treatment, [...]

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Las Vegas Drivers: Beware Of Identity Theft Following Car Accidents

Starting in March of 2014, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department stopped responding to non-injury car accidents. While this saves law enforcement time and resources which they can put to better use elsewhere, it has led to a spate of insurance scams. Read ahead to find out what to look [...]

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