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How Social Media Cost A Girl and Her Family $80,000

If you've watched a courtroom drama, then you probably have some understanding of a confidentiality provision. In many lawsuits and settlements, part of the agreement between parties is that the details and consequences of the proceedings are to be kept confidential. Basically, if a private entity decides to settle with [...]

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Driverless Cars: Who’s Liable If Nobody’s Behind the Wheel?

For decades, engineers have been working to develop cars capable of navigating roadways on their own without the need for drivers. Thanks to a recent explosion of interest in driverless technologies, autonomous cars are finally poised to hit the streets in the near future. Nevada is one of four states [...]

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Parents: You Can Be Held Liable For Your Teenager’s Bad Driving

Making decisions about whether your teenager is ready to take on adult responsibilities isn't easy. Unfortunately, judges and lawmakers are often as perplexed as you are about when to treat teenagers like adults and when to treat them like children. This is especially true when it comes to driving. As the [...]

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Do I Need A Lawyer? 5 Cases Where The Answer Is Always Yes

After an accident, many people are hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer. But when you’re going up against an insurance company, there are a number of reasons why a personal injury lawyer is necessary. Here are five particular cases where not contacting a personal injury lawyer can hurt you [...]

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