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Las Vegas Police Refuse to Respond to My “Non-Injury” Car Accident

Las Vegas Metro Police Department announced that, starting March 3, 2014, they will no longer respond to car accidents if there are no reported injuries. So what should you do to preserve your personal injury claim if you were involved in a car accident and later discover that you were, [...]

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I Was In A Car Accident Without Insurance: What Happens Now?

Nevada, like most states, requires its drivers to carry liability insurance as a condition for operating a motor vehicle. This insurance must be purchased from a company licensed to sell auto insurance, and it must pay at least the following: $15,000 for injuries affecting a single individual $30,000 for all [...]

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Motorcyclists Beware: Helmet Laws Differ By State

Laws about operating a motorcycle vary from state to state. Because Las Vegas is so close to Arizona and Utah, everyone who rides a motorcycle in the area should be familiar with the differing helmet regulations just across the borders of these neighboring states. While it's smart for all motorcycle [...]

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Cases Where the Press Got a Frivolous Lawsuit Wrong

In 1992, Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s after she was burned by her coffee. Her case made headlines and maddened thousands of people who deemed her lawsuit frivolous. Few realize however, that there was more to Liebeck’s story than was found in the press. Though partially her fault for the spill, [...]

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