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Cases Where the Press Got a Frivolous Lawsuit Wrong

In 1992, Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s after she was burned by her coffee. Her case made headlines and maddened thousands of people who deemed her lawsuit frivolous. Few realize however, that there was more to Liebeck’s story than was found in the press. Though partially her fault for the spill, [...]

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5 Powerful and Effective Safe Driving Campaigns

Let's be honest, not everyone drives as safe as possible every time they get behind the wheel. Sometimes it takes a little push to fully realize the effects and consequences that can stem from driving without being 100% focused and alert. Here are some of the most jarring safe driving [...]

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What Would Cars Be Like If There Were No Personal Injury Attorneys?

Car safety is an extremely important issue. We'd like to think that car manufacturers will always create the safest cars they can, but the truth is that lawsuits brought to court by personal injury attorneys have been instrumental in ensuring that our cars are truly safe. Here are some examples [...]

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American Attitudes Softening Regarding Highway Safety

A new study on U.S. highway safety garnered disturbing results: American drivers aren't nearly as concerned about the issue as they should be. This scary revelation is definitely shocking considering the recent push to end distracted driving, or driving while texting or otherwise on the phone. Research conducted by the AAA Foundation [...]

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The 5 Biggest Personal Injury Law Myths

Are personal injury lawsuits "out of control?" Are they a major reason why the U.S. has so many problems? Not at all! Drug, oil and insurance companies have worked very hard to create myths regarding personal injury law and have warped the truth to fit their respective agendas. Let's look at five [...]

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Disagree with the Police Report in your Auto Accident?

If you have been involved in a car accident, particularly one involving injury, responding law enforcement will typically arrive on the scene and write a detailed police report. While these are generally accurate summaries of what happened, no report is perfect. Find out what to do if you disagree with [...]

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What to Do After a Car Accident: Steps to Help Your Case

Automobile accidents are shocking and traumatizing, and what to do first can sometimes seem confusing and overwhelming. In case the worst should occur, these steps will help create less stress regarding your personal injury case: 1) Call the Police The first thing to do is file a police report. Calling [...]

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Someone Borrowed My Car and Got in an Accident: Am I Liable?

Car accidents generally concern the driver that caused the collision to occur. However, there are times when the person who is liable wasn't driving or even in the car at the time of the accident. If someone borrowed your vehicle and got in an accident, many times you will be liable. [...]

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I Was Rear-Ended In A Car Accident: Can I Be Held Responsible?

Car accidents are always a shocking and traumatizing experience, no matter how big or small in nature. One popular question that we receive on a regular basis concerns rear-end accidents. Generally speaking, it is the person who rear-ends your car who is at fault, with some states using stricter laws regarding [...]

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Jurors Keep The Public Safe

Today, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson voluntarily agreed to pay a $2.2 Billion Dollar settlement to resolve both criminal and civil claims over allegations that they marketed three drugs for uses that were never approved.  Some of the claims alleged against the publicly traded company involved paying "kickbacks" to physicians [...]

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