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Driverless Cars: Who’s Liable If Nobody’s Behind the Wheel?

For decades, engineers have been working to develop cars capable of navigating roadways on their own without the need for drivers. Thanks to a recent explosion of interest in driverless technologies, autonomous cars are finally poised to hit the streets in the near future. Nevada is one of four states [...]

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Parents: You Can Be Held Liable For Your Teenager’s Bad Driving

Making decisions about whether your teenager is ready to take on adult responsibilities isn't easy. Unfortunately, judges and lawmakers are often as perplexed as you are about when to treat teenagers like adults and when to treat them like children. This is especially true when it comes to driving. As the [...]

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Do I Need A Lawyer? 5 Cases Where The Answer Is Always Yes

After an accident, many people are hesitant to contact a personal injury lawyer. But when you’re going up against an insurance company, there are a number of reasons why a personal injury lawyer is necessary. Here are five particular cases where not contacting a personal injury lawyer can hurt you [...]

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I Was In A Car Accident Without Insurance: What Happens Now?

Nevada, like most states, requires its drivers to carry liability insurance as a condition for operating a motor vehicle. This insurance must be purchased from a company licensed to sell auto insurance, and it must pay at least the following: $15,000 for injuries affecting a single individual $30,000 for all [...]

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Motorcyclists Beware: Helmet Laws Differ By State

Laws about operating a motorcycle vary from state to state. Because Las Vegas is so close to Arizona and Utah, everyone who rides a motorcycle in the area should be familiar with the differing helmet regulations just across the borders of these neighboring states. While it's smart for all motorcycle [...]

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Cases Where the Press Got a Frivolous Lawsuit Wrong

In 1992, Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s after she was burned by her coffee. Her case made headlines and maddened thousands of people who deemed her lawsuit frivolous. Few realize however, that there was more to Liebeck’s story than was found in the press. Though partially her fault for the spill, [...]

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5 Powerful and Effective Safe Driving Campaigns

Let's be honest, not everyone drives as safe as possible every time they get behind the wheel. Sometimes it takes a little push to fully realize the effects and consequences that can stem from driving without being 100% focused and alert. Here are some of the most jarring safe driving [...]

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What Would Cars Be Like If There Were No Personal Injury Attorneys?

Car safety is an extremely important issue. We'd like to think that car manufacturers will always create the safest cars they can, but the truth is that lawsuits brought to court by personal injury attorneys have been instrumental in ensuring that our cars are truly safe. Here are some examples [...]

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American Attitudes Softening Regarding Highway Safety

A new study on U.S. highway safety garnered disturbing results: American drivers aren't nearly as concerned about the issue as they should be. This scary revelation is definitely shocking considering the recent push to end distracted driving, or driving while texting or otherwise on the phone. Research conducted by the AAA Foundation [...]

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The 5 Biggest Personal Injury Law Myths

Are personal injury lawsuits "out of control?" Are they a major reason why the U.S. has so many problems? Not at all! Drug, oil and insurance companies have worked very hard to create myths regarding personal injury law and have warped the truth to fit their respective agendas. Let's look at five [...]

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